At what age should my child start talking?
A child should say their first word around age 1. By age 3, they should be putting up to 3 words together.

What should I do if I suspect my child to have a speech/language delay?
It is important to discuss this with your child and pediatrician and to also call a speech therapist to have them evaluated.


What can I do at home to help my child with their speech and language?
Reading with your child is very important and is a time that you can elicit a lot of language. Ask questions about what you are reading, have your child tell you about the pictures, expound on what your child says, etc.? When you are working on speech sounds at home, set a time limit to work on the sounds. Give a correct model of the word if it is said incorrectly. Praise your child when they say it correctly, and make it fun!


I do not have any speech disorder, but would like to improve my elocution at work and in life, should I go see a Speech Therapist?
Certainly, Speech Therapy is not exclusive to children or elderly people with clear diagnosis. Regular people wanting to improve their verbal communication skills can also seek Speech Therapists for Voice Coaching. This can help for public speaking or just finding your voice, a way to speak with ease with the help of an expert.

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