Is it only temporary relief?
No, Chiropractic care assists the body toward achieving optimal health; with consistent attention to the body and what it is telling you.


Is chiropractic care only for the neck and back?
Chiropractic care approaches the body as a whole unit. What one area may be manifesting can actually be as a result of injury from another area. Remember that the body is interconnected with everything from fascia, muscle, ligament, and so forth.



I've heard that once you start going you can never stop...
The care you receive at Klinoerth is geared towards optimal and independent living. The goal with all patients is to take care of what is hindering their drive towards optimal health and to make sure their body stays there, on its own. For every patient, we aim to equip, they're bodies with tools to take care of itself and may only need maintenance on a monthly basis thereafter.


Will it hurt?
The chiropractic adjustment is a gentle thrust in the direction of the misalignment in the spine. Often times the patient will experience an immediate pain relief in the area of complaint. In other instances, the body will take some time in adjusting itself to its new alignment. All care is done in a measured effort to minimize pain and maximize benefits for the patient.

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