Why consult somebody who has the title of psychologist?
There exist several kinds of social speakers and health professionals, carrying on other titles. They are individuals with good intentions. But it should be known that it is not enough to have good intentions to fill the necessary competences in this field of health. To choose a psychologist is to have a greater certainty of the support one can receive.

How many treatments does it take before feeling the benefits?
It is a question with several answers. The time necessary to see an improvement varies from one person to another, from one problem to another. Each person is in itself a complete universe, and different from others. Sometimes other elements intervene in the process, delaying it or accelerating it. These elements can vary from your budget to your availabilities and foremost, your priorities.


To appreciate the value of psychology is to connect with oneself, start understanding and give ourselves the right to change. It is to take charge of our life and have a better vision of our reality. Enlightened decisions then become possible as well as harmony within our minds and emotions.


Why consult with Dr. Salmeron?
Therapy constitutes in itself a privileged relationship with a health professional who is there to listen to us. This trust must be established at the first meeting. If a therapeutic relationship does not emerge within the first consultation, perhaps it is best to continue with another therapist who suits your style better.


Dr. Salmeron is not only there to indicate a path, but also walk with you for a short while, which sometimes may mean a few months of traveling to see definite results.


Dr. Salmeron's approach rests between the Gestaltiste and the Rogérienne approach.The later is a none directive psychology where the emotions of the patient take a center stage. One observes changes within the patient through the relation which evolves between him and the psychologist.


Dr. Salmeron's approach stresses responsibility vis-à-vis the needs for the patient and the importance of living in the present moment. Dr. Salmeron takes an active part in the process of therapy as much as the patient must be part of the dialogue.


Dr. Salmeron may also make use of dreams to help achieve your goals.

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