What is psychology?
Psychology is the scientific study of mental processes and behavior. Psychologists are professionals who are trained in this field to intervene in specific disorders, depending on his or her specialty. Contrary to popular belief, psychologists are neither mediums with supernatural powers, nor intent upon wielding influence over their patients.

The discipline of psychology embraces all aspects of the human experience - from the functions of the brain to the environments in which humans develop; from child development to aging.

Psychology is a science based on a large body of social science and behavioral science research and which is expanding its boundaries to overlap with neuroscience and health science.

Most of us find it easier to ask for assistance when we are unable to heal ourselves when physically sick. We resist seeking help for more intimate emotional and personal problems, which makes consulting a psychologist a great challenge. However, you can facilitate the process by finding a psychologist with whom you feel safe and comfortable.

Our Expertise
The role of the psychologist is to assist the patient and / or its environment in managing emotional and psychological distress and to facilitate living and coping with a painful, chronic, and sometimes disabling disease.
At Klinoerth, we treat people (pre-teens, adolescents, adults) who have various concerns and a wide range of disorders by using different approaches according to their specialty.

- Sex Therapy
- Relationship Counseling
- Life Coaching
- Vocational Counseling
- Adolescent Counseling

We know to find a psychologist with whom you feel confident and comfortable is not simple.

We suggest that you consider the following during your first meetings: 

      • Ask questions about your psychologist's training.
      • Familiarize yourself with his or her approach: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is different from Psychoanalysis.
      • Ask him or her about the length of the sessions, the approximate number of visits required before finding a path towards a solution to a specific problem.
      • Be attentive to his or her answers as well as the quality of your psychologist's listening.

Once you have an overall sense of the type of treatment you will be receiving, it will be easier for you to make an enlightened choice about pursuing further sessions

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