Indications from Shanxi Nan Lu (陕西南路)
Metro Line 1 - Shanxi Nan Lu Station - Exit 1 (陕西南路1号线1号口)
- Walk 200m to HuaiHai Lu (淮海路) Shanxi Nan Lu (陕西南路)
- Take bus 42 to Jian Guo West Rd(建国西路)- Direction Shanghai Stadium (上海体育馆)
- Stop at Jian Guo road, walk to Jiang Guo West Rd (建国西路)
- Turn left at Xiang Yang South Rd (襄阳南路)


Option 2 - Walk from Metro (1.5 km)
- Head South on Shanxi Nan Lu toward Jian Guo Rd
- Turn right at Jian Guo Rd (淮海中路)
- Turn right at Xiang Yang South Rd (襄阳南路)

-We are located next to the SPD Bank. Please enter from front rotating doors or parking lot.
-Once in the building, please look for the elevators A, B, or C.
-Press 18, the indicator will point to the available elevator (A, B or C)