Are foot orthotics only for flat feet?
People who have flat feet certainly benefit from foot orthotics because it prevents or diminishes feet pain, knee pains, low back pains and also neck pains and headaches. Foot orthotics realigns your feet which also helps realign your spinal column, making standing and walking much more comfortable.
Nevertheless, it also offers support for people with high arches by providing proprioceptive feedback to the neuromuscular system. Basically, since it is custom made, your feet are constantly receiving information from the ground you are walking on.

How long do they last?
Generally, to preserve the efficacy of the foot orthotics, up to one year. It can only be efficient if it is worn, and like a pair of shoes that is worn everyday; it needs to be changed once it is worn out.
Do I have to buy new pairs of shoes?
Klinoerth's foot orthotics are designed to fit your shoes as much as possible so that you do not have to change your entire shoe wardrobe.

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