What is Energy Balancing?
We use the same principles as Acupuncture or Traditional Chinese Medicine to help the Energy or the Qi flow better throughout your body. Often, when patients have health issues or are uncomfortable emotionally or physically, it is due to a blockage of the Energy within their body. Energy balancing techniques help undo those blockages.

The way Energy Balancing Works is through the energy transmitted by the hands of the therapist. It does not require any touching and it works best so.


Is there any manual therapy involved?
Energy Balancing, as practiced at Klinoerth, does not require any physical touching of the client; this way, the client achieves balanced flow of energy throughout their body in a more relaxed state.


How can this really work if no one is touching me?
When you feel someone next to you, you feel that they radiate heat.
This heat is a form of energy. You do not need to touch them to feel it. Each cell and atom in our bodies has a magnetic field. There is an exchange between your own and the therapist's magnetic field. During an Energy Balancing session, this magnetic field is specifically directed by the therapist to enhance healing.


Will I feel anything?
Often, one will feel a pressure, especially if there is a blockage or discomfort in certain parts of your body.

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