What is Alternative Medicine: Energy Balancing?

For years, traditional medicine has sought to treat the body through external measures by ingesting foreign substances or by removing diseases from the body.

Alternative medicine has come to the forefront in current studies as being just that; an alternative form of health that treats the body through non-invasive means. This focuses on a return of the body to its natural environment in healing itself.


Conventional and unconventional medicines are complementary. It is important to note that even in conventional medicine, placebos (e.g. ingesting sugar pills) influence fifteen to twenty-five percent of subjects studied. Since neither traditional nor alternative medicines are perfect, exploring all paths of healing is a sound alternative.


Our expertise


We, at Klinoerth, believe that this is the body's natural progression to function and heal naturally.


With our inherent and learned understanding of the body and the way it works, we provide a platform for the patient to achieve the level of health they once had or have always wanted.


We offer Energy Balancing, an energy harmonization technique having the capacity to heal. Energy Balancing's objective is to relieve sufferings, to bring calmness, and inner peace.


Energy Balancing reinforces the body's ability to cure itself. It relaxes the muscles, accelerates healing, and opens our consciousness to the causes of the disease and pain. It increases our feeling of wellbeing, like meditation. Its practice supports conventional medicine, it revitalizes.

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