What is Educational Psychology?

The work of an educational psychologist focuses on everyday problems of education, both in the family environments and academics. They usually focus on:  learning & cognition, behaviour, social skills, emotional development and parenting techniques.

The educational psychologist studies the emotional, behavioural and cognitive development of children and the various factors involved in learning and behaviour.  They  often focus on subgroups such as children with low-average IQ , those who have specific disabilities such as ADHD or ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and those who experience problems in the school setting. The Educational psychologist can do assessments with children, and when a problem or disorder is diagnosed she will make a treatment plan and discuss this with the parents and the teacher(s).

Our expertise

At Klinoerth It does not matter how trivial an issue is: if it is a issue for the parents or teachers, it should be taken seriously.

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